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Curriculum Statement

 At Bedwas Infant School, we aim to provide the very best in planned opportunities for your child to develop in all areas of the curriculum.  We endeavour to do this by creating a caring school with a curriculum which encourages the development of lively, enquiring minds through involvement in a variety of relevant and challenging first hand experiences.  We aim to develop all pupils’ interests, aptitudes and abilities through collaborative and independent thought.

Each class teacher plans thoroughly to ensure that your child’s education has continuity and progression.  Throughout the school, a balance of class teaching, group work and individual tuition is used as appropriate.  We also ensure that opportunities for different styles of learning are catered for within our teaching.  This arrangement enables teaching staff to cater for the varying educational needs of all our pupils. 

It is our aim to develop each individual and to encourage all those in school to strive for excellence in whatever they undertake.  Excellence is understood as being, ‘the best that

can be achieved according to the abilities and gifts of each’, and ‘the best that it is possible to be’.

The Curriculum

Bedwas Infant School will  ensure that the school fulfils its statutory obligations and fully embraces the latest developments in education.

Please be assured that all classroom practitioners are aware of developments and will continue to update and amend the curriculum as necessary in order to meet the requirements of the Welsh Government and the needs of your child. 

We aim to make cross-curricular links between subjects and areas of learning wherever possible. The curriculum is organised and delivered through a range of interesting themes which aim to teach and develop a range of skills.

Foundation Phase

Rising 3, Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils

The school fully embraces the philosophy and aims of the Foundation Phase and great emphasis is placed on the use of the outdoors.  By providing a broad and rich curriculum using an integrated approach, we aim to develop children as individuals, recognising their level of maturity and interests.  These are crucial years when children learn how to observe, listen, respond and develop as individuals and as members of a caring community.

In embracing the new curriculum, we are very focussed on our children having the opportunities to demonstrate that they are Healthy & Confident Individuals, Enterprising & Creative contributors, Ethical & Informed Citizens  and Ambitious & Capable Learners. These are the 4 Core Principles.

More Able and Talented

We encourage all our pupils to achieve.  We identify and monitor the progress and success

of our pupils, including those who are more able and / or talented.  We aim to offer suitable opportunities in order to ‘challenge’ such pupils and celebrate talent. 

Basic Skills

Our school identifies pupils who have difficulties with literacy and numeracy.  When appropriate, these pupils are placed on our Provision Map and receive extra support through the relevant intervention programme.  Assessments before and after the implementation of the intervention program are used to ascertain its effectiveness.  You will always be advised if your child has been identified to be supported on one of these programmes.